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Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program provides high quality dental care to all seniors who qualify.  Seniors are more prone to dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer than other groups, so it is imporant to have regular dental checkups.   If you are unable to afford dental care, this program may be for you.

The CSCHN is proud to offer services for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program.

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For more information including eligibility criteria, application assistance or any other inquiries, please contact Marie-Claude at 905-734-1141, ext 2282.

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Client Consultation Session

The CSCHN invites you to consultation sessions. We want to ensure that your opinions, ideas and recommendations are included in the planning of our services.

Career Opportunities at the CSCHN 

The Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara is a Francophone Community Health Centre established in 1992. Our Centre is a multi-service agency providing health and social services to French-speaking clients.

Our Welland site serves the Niagara region, and the Hamilton site serves Hamilton and Burlington.

The Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara has adopted a holistic approach to the delivery of its programs; thus French-speaking people of all ages in the Hamilton and Niagara regions have access to a wide array of services.

Our programs and services have a particular emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion achieved through the provision of information and education. Services vary slightly between Hamilton and Welland according to the needs and resources in each community.

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Primary and Community Health Care

Primary care

Clients have access to family doctors, nurse practitioners, laboratory services, vaccinations and where appropriate home health services.

Prenatal Services

The CSCHN offers education and support for new mothers including: preparation for childbirth, prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding and infant care.

Well baby clinics are offered as well as workshops on topics such as baby massages and postnatal yoga.
Referrals to midwifery services are also available.

Nutrition and Dietary services

One on one nutritional counseling is available as well as group workshops on topics such as diabetes, obesity, etc.

"Jeunesse en mouvement"

Is a sports and leisure program for youth between the ages of 6 and 10. Participants also receive information on healthy eating.

Aging at Home Program

Health professionals offer their services in the community or individual homes:

Case management, nursing services, occupational therapy, blood-pressure clinics, foot care, mental health services as well as educational workshops on various topics and physical and mental exercise program.

Counselling and Community Initiatives

Mental Health services are available for adults, youth and children.

Programs for Young Children and Teens

The CSCHN offers counselling and special programming for children who have experienced war or organized conflict. A self-esteem program is available for young girls and a variety of workshops are offered through a partnership with the French-language school boards.

Programs and Services for Women

Transition support and housing services are available for women who are, or have been in abusive relationships. Individual or group counselling is also available for women who have experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse. The CSCHN also offers educational workshops and is a partner with Femaide (1-877-336-2433) a 24 hour French-language crisis line for victims and survivors of abuse.

Programs for Children and Families

The CSCHN offers a parent resource centre and is satellite site of the Ontario Early Years Program.

A wide variety of activities for families and caregivers with children ages 0 to 6 are available. Learning centres allow children to participate in various activities in the area of sciences, literacy, creativity, etc. The CSC offers school readiness programs such as School's Cool as well as summer camps and other special activities and workshops throughout the year.

A lending library is available with a variety of French books, DVDs and CDs.

Community lunches and dinners offer families the opportunities to meet other parents while participating in parenting workshops and intergenerational activities.

Home visits are available to families requiring individualized programming and support.

Programs for Newcomers

Settlement services

Workers carry out intakes and assessments to determine the needs of newcomers. Information and support is provided in areas such as immigration, needed medical services, registering children for school, etc. Referrals are provided for any other needed services such as housing help, job search and education and training. Interpretation and accompaniment services are available, if necessary.

Community Legal Services

Through our partnership with Legal Aid Ontario, clients have access to information regarding  immigration, tenant rights, the right to social assistance and income support, employment standards and human rights.

Other settlement and adaptation services

Club de l'amitié offers newcomers an opportunity to meet others who are also new to this country while participating in a variety of educational and social activities. The CSCHN also hosts a soccer team for newcomers from the Hamilton area.

Our Carrefour d'établissement is an offsite location in Hamilton, designed to allow CSCHN clients, especially youth, an opportunity to meet others and participate in a variety of educational and social activities. The Carrefour is open weekdays after school and on weekends. Students have access to computers and can do homework in a supervised setting. Other social activities are also planned in conjunction with community partners.

Volunteer Opportunities

In partnership with various organizations and through funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the CSCHN offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities to French-speaking individuals interested in working at the Centre or one of our Francophone project partners.

Client advisory committees help guide the direction of many of the activities of the Centre and allow us to be in tune with the needs of our clients.

Partnerships and Collaboration

The Francophone Community Health Centre Hamilton/Niagara strives to work with outside agencies to help increase the range and quality of services for French-speaking clients (e.g.: shelters, early childhood centres, settlement and integration services, home visits for seniors, etc.).

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Physical activity can pose a risk to your health. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before attempting any training program. The instructions and advice presented here in no way supersede a medical consultation. As with any exercise program, if you experience discomfort, pain, dizziness, or nausea, stop training immediately and consult a doctor. You are responsible for respecting your limits while exercising and seeking medical advice associated with your condition.

The CSCHN, its staff and affiliated organizations are not responsible for any injuries resulting from participation in the exercises in this program.


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