Bonjour Niagara – Living

Bonjour Niagara – Living

Bonjour Niagara is a campaign that highlights the accomplishments of Niagara’s Francophone community and promotes an understanding of the French presence in Niagara.


The Bonjour Niagara campaign comprises a bilingual website, a promotional video and a booklet entitled Portrait of Niagara’s Francophone Community (French Only).. It is supported by promotional tools and a social media campaign.

The website identifies agencies that offer services in French in the areas of economic and cultural development, education, health, government and immigration.

The campaign serves to unite Francophones and Francophiles. It promotes activities carried out in French in their community and relates other pertinent information that will allow Francophones to be a Force for Action.

The project is also aimed at Francophones whether newcomers from other parts of Canada or from around the world, immigrants or refugees, to settle in our welcoming community.

Furthermore, it highlights the work of the more than thirty-five non-profit agencies of Niagara’s inter-agency roundtable that carry out their activities in French in the greater Niagara region. It promotes initiatives to ensure Francophones are participating in important decisions regarding community projects across Niagara.