Brand new dental team in Hamilton

Here we go! Our brand new dental team in #hamont is now ready to see you
The Ontario Seniors’ Dental Program is a government-funded dental care program that provides free routine dental services to low-income seniors aged 65+.
The CSCHN is proud to offer dental care services under the Ontario Seniors’ Program at the HNHC Dental Clinic at 1320 Barton east, Hamilton L8H 2W1.
The program covers :
Preventive services provided by the dental hygienist
Oral assessments, diagnostics, x-rays  
Supra and sub-gingival scaling 
Periodontal debridement  
Polishing of teeth 
Fluoride treatment
Pit and fissure sealing
Personalized oral hygiene instruction
Dental services offered by a Dentist
Dental exams
Repair of broken teeth and cavities
Dental Extraction
Treatment of infections and pain (endodontic services)
Treatment of gum disease (periodontal services)
Repair and fabrication of dentures
For more information on eligibility and how to apply: https://www.ontario.ca/page/dental-care-low-income-seniors
For more information, admission criteria, application assistance or any other questions, please contact Julie Bianco, Community Dental Health Worker at 905-528-0163 ext. 3423
For more information on the dental services offered at our clinic please contact Lamiaa Jittou, Dental Hygienist at 905 528 0163 ext. 3250