Anti-Drug Program – C’est mon Choix (Ages 10 to 24)

Anti-Drug Program – C’est mon Choix (Ages 10 to 24)

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The anti-drug program C’est mon Choix addresses personal health practices and coping skills. It aims to make participants more knowledgeable about the issue of drug use and to provide the tools needed to reduce high-risk behaviours associated with the use of both street drugs and prescription medications.

In school

The CSCHN team goes into schools to meet students. For each grade, from 5th to 12th, there is a different theme; for example:

  • Peer pressure and cannabis
  • The misuse of prescription drugs

Who is it for? The anti-drug program is for French-speaking students attending high school (ages 14 to 18) in Niagara and Hamilton/Burlington.

In the community

Young people and newcomers in the community are invited to join group discussions about drug abuse prevention facilitated by the CSCHN team. Committees meet in preparation for Drug Awareness Day..

Eligibility: All French-speaking young adults (aged 24 or under) are welcome to participate in discussions.



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