Parent Support Program

Parent Support Program

The CSCHN offers group activities and individual counselling to children’s families or guardians with a view to providing support and enhancing parenting skills. These activities help families better understand and cope with their child’s behavioural or mental health issues.

The parent support program is designed to improve the ability of children and young people to function through:

  • Developing awareness and understanding of the issue
  • Promoting early detection
  • Timely and effective intervention
  • Reducing the need for intensive and disruptive intervention
  • Enhancing parents’ or care providers’ skills


  • Anxiety and Self-Esteem in Children
  • Positive Discipline
  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten
  • Routine

Parenting Skills Group

  • Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

“Triple P has been shown to help reduce kids’ and teens’ problem behaviour and also reduce children’s emotional problems. The evidence also shows it helps parents feel more confident, less stressed, less angry and less depressed.”

Triple Ontario

The Triple P program is offered in collaboration with the Niagara Region.



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