School services

School services

The Child/Youth Mental Health Team (CYMHT) is made up of child/youth mental health therapists who are on-site to provide individual or group services. These services help children and youth deal with a variety of challenges, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and so on.
The team also offers a number of activities such as parenting support, parenting skills groups and workshops on various mental health topics.
Services are aimed at francophone youth under 21 years of age who attend Viamonde or MonAvenir school boards.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Referrals must be completed by a social worker working in one of these school boards.
  • Parent/guardian consent is required for children 12 and under.

This service is available in Niagara, Hamilton and Burlington.


Prevention workshops and groups aim to raise awareness of mental health issues among children and youth and build resilience. They are presented in a psycho-educational and engaging approach. There are workshops designated to children and youth, as well as parents and guardians.

Advice for parents

Parents receive practical advice to help them better understand their child’s situation.

How to get help?

If you are interested in individual therapy, please contact us at 905-734-1141 ext. 2222 or fill out the referral form.

Support for teaching staff

Teachers learn to recognize the signs of a student in distress. The workshop also provides an overview of French-language services available in the community.

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For more information, please contact us at (905) 734-1141 ext. 2222.