Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

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Our medical clinic team is comprised of health professionals who share their time between our two points of service, in Hamilton and Niagara.

We take a holistic approach based on health determinants, which relies on knowing our patients well. We therefore take factors such as language, culture and socioeconomic situation into account in order to provide each patient with the best quality care.

All our individual services are by appointment. See making an appointment.

Family Doctors

The CSCHN’s medical team includes six family doctors and a nurse practitioner. Our medical services are available to French-speakers of any age who may have one or more health concerns or simply require a routine exam.


Dr Benjamin Croft
Dr Guy Leblanc
Dre Renée Kennedy
Dre Rita Agayby


Dr Wassim Balhous
Dr Félicien Mbuyi

  • Consultations by appointment
  • Diabetes clinics
  • Healthy baby clinics

These services are available every weekday. In addition to regular hours, the medical clinic is open two evenings a week to better serve our clientele.


Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners, Jennifer Tchadjeu and Joelle Regnier, are university-trained, advanced-level nurses who deliver quality health care to our patients.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) work in partnership with doctors, nursing staff and other health professionals. The NP’s role is to help patients maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. To do this, they can diagnose, treat and help patients manage their illness.

For example, the services offered by NPs include:

  • Diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses
  • Carrying out health exams
  • Ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests
  • Prescribing medications
  • Providing supportive care during an illness
  • Administering treatments and performing procedures
  • Referring clients as needed to a family doctor, a specialist or another health professional