Senior’s Fitness (55+)

Senior's Fitness (55+)

Stay Fit

The Stay Fit classes include low-impact aerobics, and exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility.  Classes are set to upbeat motivating music.  Classes are an hour in length and run twice a week.

Keeping Balance

The Keeping Balance classes include exercises and activities that work on improving or maintaining balance, strength and flexibility with the goal of improving overall mobility and health.   Weekly education sessions on topics related to senior’s health are also included. Classes are an hour in length and run twice a week.

Exercises can be modified to accommodate any level of ability and everyone is welcome.  All classes are available in both English and French.  Pre-registration is required for all in-person classes.  Virtual classes do not require registration.

Eligibility: Open to all 55 and older.  Must be able to follow verbal instructions.   Must be aware of person health limitations and be able to express them.  If you have issues with mobility, please contact our team to discuss options for participation. 

Where and when:  In-person classes currently occurring in Welland, St. Catharines, Fonthill, Niagara Falls and Hamilton.

Virtual classes are available via Zoom.

Click here for more information on classes and locations.

Please email us at to register, request Zoom links or if you have any questions.

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