Personalized and Confidential Assistance Services

Personalized and Confidential Assistance Services

Support Services for Women Affected by Domestic Violence

This confidential service enables women to refocus and move forward despite the challenges in order to regain confidence and take back control of their lives.

These customized services are designed to provide support to women and children who have experienced violence. The aim is to help women get the support and services they need to build a new life, free of violence.

  • Developing a safety plan
  • Preparing the transition to a life without violence
  • Finding a new place to live
  • Coordinating shelter accommodation, if necessary
  • Finding solutions tailored to their individual needs
  • Providing support and accompanying them to appointments, such as to family court to obtain legal information or to consult a duty counsel


Service for Children Exposed to Violence

This early intervention service is for children aged 0 to 18 who have been exposed to any form of violence (in the family, at school, in war, etc.). This includes an assessment of the child’s needs as well as individual and group support for both mother and child. Therapy takes place through interactive play, wellness and craft activities.

For group activities, snacks, meals, bus tickets and workshops are available.


Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault

If you have experienced sexual assault, know that you are not alone.

In fact, statistics show that one in three women and one in six men experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. Most people who experience sexual assault have difficulty talking about what they have gone through; it is a crime that is shielded, in part, by a code of silence.
It is important to remember that sexual assault is a criminal act that violates a person’s physical and psychological integrity and can have multiple consequences. Whether you are a woman or a man, you can ask for help.

Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault (Women)

With this tailored support service, women who have experienced sexual assault can speak in complete confidentiality, knowing that they will be listened to without judgement.

Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault (Men)

Our personalized and confidential services are available to men who have experienced sexual violence.

Services for Families and Loved Ones of Survivors of Sexual Assault

The support of family and friends plays a key role in the healing process following a sexual assault.

Witnessing violence or being close to someone who has experienced it—whether as a friend, family member, partner or colleague—can be upsetting, painful and even traumatic.
It is important to take the time to educate yourself, seek support and adopt a supportive attitude. This will help you understand what the person needs and to determine whether there is a link between their current difficulties and the sexual assault they have experienced (which may have occurred recently or many years ago). It is important to know how to react if they confide in you.

It has been shown that providing counselling services to loved ones—in which they are listened to, informed, supported, advised and even treated if necessary—has a highly positive impact not only on them but on the survivor’s treatment and care.

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