Seniors’ Circle – Le Cercle de l’âge d’or

Seniors’ Circle – Le Cercle de l’âge d’or

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Le Cercle de l’âge d’or is a program offering a range of activities in French for seniors, focused on the mind, body and spirit.

It is an opportunity for French-speaking seniors to break their isolation, meet people, socialize, learn, have fun and simply live in their own language and culture.

Workshops, activities and events, whether educational, physical or cultural, help seniors feel that they are an integral part of the community and its social fabric.

The CSCHN has played a key role in creating a strong partnership among the various clubs, organizations and residences for French-speaking seniors in the Hamilton/Niagara region.

Consultant and Contact Person for French-Speaking Seniors:

Muriel Thibault-Gauthier :  or 905-736-3200

Le Cercle de l’âge d’Or activities in pictures: